Exclusive GW4W Retreat and Leadership Workshop with Biomimicry 3.8

Mon, 2018/05/21 - Wed, 2018/05/23
Missoula, Montana

Instructor: Dr. Dayna Baumeister

Discover how biomimicry can foster better collaboration, create successful systems, and navigate change in complex conditions or in times of disturbance during this exclusive retreat that will explore lessons from nature to help you lead the way to a more adaptable, resilient, cooperative, and networked world.

The workshop retreat is for anyone, regardless of your familiarity with biomimicry, who wants to be a leader in re-imagining solutions to social and organizational challenges. Executive, business, non-profit, education, public policy, faith, and government leaders have used biomimicry to change they way they tackle challenges.

Ready to learn from nature to inspire new ways of doing business? This retreat will help you begin gathering the biomimicry tools you need to elevate the way you think, work, and lead.

Over the course of the retreat, our expert biomimicry instructors will help participants explore how to:

  • Define leadership challenges for which nature's examples can best provide solutions
  • Re-imagine organizational leadership, strategy, planning, and operations with inspiration from healthy and evolving ecosystems
  • Apply the biomimicry process to model teams and organizations after healthy and evolving ecosystems and to become skillful at adaptive change
  • Apply design lessons from nature that can help grow resilient organizations and foster a regenerative sociiety

You'll be inspired, spend time with the GW4W family, and come back with a fresh prospective on how nature can help us learn how to be healthier, more connected, leaders.

As a special bonus, the GW4W attendees will be joined by Janine Benyus, one of the co-founders of Biomimicry 3.8 and a world renowned expert on biomimicry, for dinner and nature walk in Montana’s great outdoors.

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