Exhibition: Inspiring NATURE, inspired TECHNO : biomimicry & transport

Thu, 2018/04/26
Valcourt, Quebec

Beginning April 26, visit the new temporary Exhibition, Inspiring NATURE, inspired TECHNO Biomimicry & Transport, which will open its doors for the very first time at the Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier, before travelling across Canada!

Explore how nature inspires some of the innovative technologies used in transportation. Discover close to thirty natural specimens and technological objects that share common principles, and manipulate interactive displays highlighting these concepts. Did you know that the PWC hydrojet is inspired by the squid’s propulsion system? That smart cars use a detection system similar to that of the locust? That there is an ultra-resistant type of glass inspired by shells? A dozen examples illustrate the principles of biomimicry. Get inspired, and you too you can improve the technologies of the future.

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