February 2009 Newsletter (Issue 7.1)

Welcome to the first issue of 2009, including:

  • a K-12 initiative with the Montana Natural History Center (Sam Stier)
  • an update on the Nature's 100 Best project with three examples (Vaccines Without Refrigeration, Anti-Bacterial Strategies, Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells)
  • The Lessons of Gaviotas, another Nature's 100 Best example
  • an informal project on ways to advance the field of biomimicry, with summaries of three published papers
  • a reminder of the April 2009 Biomimicry and Design workshop
  • the poster for the Ask the Planet CD
  • a newsletter reader survey

E-mail addresses in the newsletter are 'hidden' - see 2007/03/26 update in Newsletter Hints and Tips about contacting any of the authors. 

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