Future Reality Masterclass (BiomimicryNL/BiomimicrySA)

Tue, 2017/07/25

This powerful training is at the leading edge of some of the most inspiring and important influencing factors for the future of business & organisations including: 

All over the world we see the emergence of solutions to our most complex challenges, yet these are not often brought together in an integrated way and applied at a systems level for truly transformative change. In this seminar, we will work with you to apply these at a systems level – using cities as the focus of the intersection of multiple challenges & opportunities. 

We will develop visionary futures together and enable you to lead this vision within your organisation through strategy, into actualisation. This is an opportunity for a whole systems evolution, where challenges emerge into opportunities. 

This seminar is lead by Biomimicry Professional, Claire Janisch together with Biomimicry Practitioner and Systems Designer, Shannon Royden-Turner.

From the training you will:

  • Exemplify purpose-driven leadership. 
  • Inspire a visionary future to lead from, rather than predict futures to avoid.
  • Discover how every challenge has a simultaneous solution.
  • Realise that adapting to change is critical for your evolution.
  • Prioritise actions for leading this change.

Date: July 25th 2017
Cost: For the early birds €550 (untill July 4th), from July 5th €600
Time: 8am-7pm (equivalent of 2 full days training)
Location: will be announced soon

To book your place please send an email to info [at] biomimicrynl [dot] org

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