Great Lakes Biomimicry

GlBio will use its creatively assembled and diverse group of partners to develop a place-based, living, learning laboratory system and culture, based on biomimicry, which is unique not only in the United States, but worldwide.


  • The establishment of a Biomimicry Center and organization, making NEO the global application center of biomimetic thinking for economic development
  • Establish a biomimetic attraction and development organization to identify global biomimetic entrepreneurs and startup companies, and locate them in NEO to take advantage of the biomimetic culture and assets
  • Establish a Biomimicry Venture Philanthropy Fund to support regional biomimetic focused entrepreneurs and startup companies
  • Develop a pre-K and STEM through Ph.D. biomimicry based educational consortia to provide the world’s first, formally integrated biomimicry education system, to generate talent to fuel NEO as the center of the biomimetic world
  • Create a professional and business track biomimicry education process aimed at teaching application of the lens of biomimicry to product, human and organizational problems for NEO companies and organizations
  • Implement three exploratory groups to leverage regional, place-based assets using a “biomimicry lens” to determine the opportunity and efficacy of becoming pillars for future NEO economic development:
    • Fresh Water
    • Sustainability
    • Philanthropic Assets (Strategic Organization for Advanced Resources – SOAR)



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