'Growing as building' Lecture Evening (17:00-19:00 CEST)

Thu, 2013/10/10
University of Applied Arts, 1010 Vienna, Austria

GrAB - Growing As Building
takes growth patterns and dynamics from nature and applies them to architecture with the goal of creating a new living architecture. The aim of the project GrAB is to develop architectural concepts for growing structures. Three main directions will be investigated: transfer of abstracted growth principles from nature to architecture, integration of biology into material systems and intervention of biological organisms and concepts with existing architecture. Key issues of investigation will be mechanisms of genetically-controlled and environmentally-informed, self-organised growth in organisms and the differentiation of tissues and materials.

Petra Gruber “Growth and architecture
Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development, ET, transarch office for biomimetics and transdisciplinary architecture

Julian Vincent “Taking the 'bio' out of 'bionics'”
University of Bath, Biomimetics, Mechanical Engineering, UK

Thomas Speck “Biomimetic materials and possible applications
University of Freiburg, Botanical Garden, Plant Biomechanics Group, DE

Angelo Vermeulen “Merging technology, biology and art
Delft University of Technology, Multi Actor Systems Department, NL

moderation: Barbara Imhof

Seminarraum A, attic, University of Applied Arts, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Thanks to Petra Gruber for the pointer!

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