INCOSE/INSIGHT Special Edition: Natural Systems

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) publishes the quarterly magazine INSIGHT.  The April 2016 issue edited by Larry Pohlmann, Curt McNamara and George Studor of the Natural Systems Working Group (NSWG) was on the theme of Natural Systems.  The articles listed below are publicly available at, sorted by the last name of the primary author.  A number of BID Community members contributed articles.

  • Pohlmann, L. D. 2016. “Natural Systems Special Feature Section Introduction.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 8–9. doi:10.1002/inst.12064.
  • Pohlmann, L. D. 2016. “The Benyus Effect: Rapidly Growing Interest in Biomimicry.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 10–11. doi:10.1002/inst.12065.
  • McNamara, C., Studor, G. M. and Pohlmann, L. D. 2016. “The INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group — Helping The Systems Engineering Community Look to the Genius of Nature.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 12–15. doi:10.1002/inst.12066.
  • Studor, G. M. 2016. “What is NASA's Interest in Natural Systems?” INSIGHT 19 (1): 16–22. doi:10.1002/inst.12067.
  • McNamara, C. 2016. “Enhancing the Systems Engineering Process by Considering Natural Systems.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 23–25. doi:10.1002/inst.12068.
  • Kerschmann, R. 2016. “How Living Things Fail, and Why It Should Matter to Engineers.” INSIGHT, 19 (1): 28–31. doi:10.1002/inst.12069.
  • Nagel, J. K.S. 2016. “Systematic Bio-inspired Design: How Far Along Are We?” INSIGHT 19 (1): 32–35. doi:10.1002/inst.12070.
  • Hoeller, N., Farnsworth, M., Jacobs, S., Chirazi, J., Mead, T., Goel, A. and Salustri, F. 2016. “A Systems View of Bio-Inspiration: Bridging the Gaps.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 36–40. doi:10.1002/inst.12071.
  • Troncale, L. 2016. “Beyond Biomimicry to Systems Mimicry: Using Evidence from the Natural Sciences to Design Better Systems.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 41–45. doi:10.1002/inst.12072.
  • Hooker, G. and Smith, E. 2016. “AskNature and the Biomimicry Taxonomy.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 46–49. doi:10.1002/inst.12073.
  • Eggermont, M. and McKeag, T. 2016. “Zygote Quarterly: A Free Online Journal About Biomimicry, Bio-inspired Design, And Engineering.” INSIGHT 19(1): 50–52. doi:10.1002/inst.12074.
  • Nugent, R. 2016. “Springer Natural Computing Series.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 52–53. doi: 10.1002/inst.12075.
  • Bar-Cohen, Y. 2016. “The CRC Press Series in Biomimetics.” INSIGHT 19 (1): 53–54. doi: 10.1002/inst.12076.


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