July 2006 Newsletter (Issue 4.2)

The quarterly newsletter has a new look and a brand-new name.  BioInspired! was chosen not only to reflect the content, but also to recognize the great work that John Mlade had put into his BioInspire monthly publication.  The new newsletter is going out to a significantly larger distribution list including people who had registered on John's listserver.  John is planning to be a regular contributor.

Contents of this issue:

  • greetings from Dayna and Janine
  • an overview of the Biomimicry Institute
  • pointers to the Clippings, Resources and Events Weblogs
  • an update on the 2006 Biomimicry and Design Workshop
  • the Biomimicry Spiral Methodology in action
  • a new life for BioInspire
  • Janine and Catherine's trip to Australia
  • the BIONIS Network and Biomimetics 11
  • Events calendar
  • an update on the upcoming Biologists at the Design Table workshop
  • an opportunity to support the Biomimicry Institute

If you have any comments or problems downloading/reading thenewsletter, please send me a note using the e-mail link near the top ofthe right navigator.

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