June 2008 Newsletter (Issue 6.2)

Welcome to the second issue of 2008, including:

  • an update on Biomimicry Institute activities (Bryony Schwan)
  • biomimicry at the IBE 2008 conference (Norbert Hoeller)
  • biomimetic design in fluid handling (Peter Fiske)
  • biological diversity and design (Rolf Mueller)
  • holistic natural resource management (Ann Adams)

For those that recall John Mlade's BioInspire magazine (published monthly between January 2003 and July 2005), all twenty-six issues now have a new home.  See the back page for details.

E-mail addresses are 'hidden' - see Newsletter Hints and Tips about contacting any of the authors.

If you have any comments or problems downloading/reading thenewsletter, please send me a note using the e-mail link near the top ofthe right navigator.

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