LF18: Designing With Life’s Principles: Applying Nature’s Deep Patterns To The Living Building Challenge

Fri, 2018/05/04
Portland, OR

The Living Building Challenge inspires us to create buildings that are designed, constructed and operated to function as elegantly as flowers. The vision offered through this metaphor is a fundamental paradigm shift in how we relate to the natural world and each other through the built environment that forms the fabric of our communities.

Life's Principles are deep patterns inherent in the strategies that all organisms have evolved over 3.8 billion years to survive and thrive, whatever their context. They can be considered as the ultimate aspiration and measure of resilience for the built environment. Life’s Principles align with, and have the potential to strengthen, the vision of the Living Building Challenge by providing high level aspirational goals for built environment projects to more authentically respond to the earth’s operating conditions as Life does.  Integrating Life’s Principles into the design process offers the opportunity to craft design solutions that follow deep patterns found throughout the natural world, increasing the likelihood for projects to be more regenerative and successful. 

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