Living Future Conference: Genius of Place - California Coast

Thu, 2017/05/18
Seattle, WA

Speakers: Jamie Dwyer and Robyn Klein(Biomimicry 3.8), Sean Quinn and Paul Woolford (HOK)

This interactive biomimicry workshop will review “Nature’s Genius” within the California Coast region. Discover how species in the most biodiverse region of the US have adapted to systemic challenges that occur across the three regional biomes. The team will present the challenges and operating conditions of this design research project; clarify what key functions that designs must perform; and explain the organisms and ecosystems that were explored during the California Coast Project. Join the discussion about project takeaways and how the emerging practice of Biomimicry is defining a new relationship between biologists and built environment practitioners.

This is Part One of a two-part session on "Genius of Place". See Part Two (immediately following, from 3:45p - 4:45p on Thursday) here. Attendance at both sessions is highly recommended, but not required.


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