'Making a Living with Bio-Inspired Design' Conference Call: 11PST, 14EST, 20CET (60 minutes)

Wed, 2011/03/02
Web Conference Call

Norbert Hoeller will be hosting a 1 hour conference call on how to turn an interest in bio-inspired design into a career.  Please note the start times in the subject and adjust for your local time zone as required.  Ernst-Jan Mul, a bio-inspired designer from the Netherlands, will talk about his experiences. 

We will be using the Elluminate Web Conferencing System.  Janet Kubler will give a quick introduction at the beginning of the session.  To participate, please sign up using the link below.  Your e-mail and username will be filled in automatically (you do not need to enter your phone number).  You will receive a confirmation e-mail and a reminder one day before the event.  Also review the Quickstart guide and configuration instructions before the call.

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