Masters Program: Bionik/Biomimetics in Energy Systems

"At the beginning of the 21 century our industrial society is confronted with major challenges in regard to energy and environment. Using new insights from the developing cross-sectional discipline Biomimetics, we can utilize strategies and procedures which have been successfully developed by nature over four billion years of evolution. The international Master program "Bionik / Biomimetics in Energy Systems" focuses international for the first time on the area of Biomimetics and Energy."

This program is being offered by the Fachhochschule Kaernten, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Austria.  Further information is available using the links in the left sidebar.  The Study Info page points in a flyer which appears to be a corrupted file.  I have reported the problem and have attached a copy of the document. 

The program starts in October 2009 and is accepting applications from EU citizens until August 28th/2009. 

Thanks to Albert Noessing for the pointer!

Download BIONIK_engl (2.2MB PDF)

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