MCAD: 4-Week Online Biomimicry Course

Mon, 2018/04/23

We are happy to announce that MCAD’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program is once again partnering with to offer the 4-week online course Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology, starting April 23rd.  

This course will be a fun introduction to biomimicry, a sustainability framework where you will learn how to use nature’s best design ideas to help solve human design challenges.


Course dates:  
The course will run for 4 weeks, from April 23 to May 18, 2018.

Course description:
Nature offers boundless inspiration for sustainable design, but how do we access the wealth of biological information available and apply it effectively to design? This course provides an introduction to biomimicry, a new discipline that emulates nature’s best ideas and blueprints in order to solve human design challenges. Each week you’ll get outside to explore nature and learn a key biomimicry design concept that you’ll then apply to develop a novel biomimetic design. 

Time commitment:
To complete all the readings, videos and activities (assignments, discussions and quizzes) in this course will take approximately 2-4 hours a week. Please schedule an extra 1-2 hours during the first week to get accustomed to the Canvas platform as well as to get used to the weekly course framework.

Learning outcomes:
After the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and apply key concepts employed in biomimetic design through the experience of creating novel biomimetic designs.
  • Differentiate between nature’s unifying patterns, strategies and functions, and apply them to human-made designs.
  • Observe nature and conduct research to learn from nature through real-world, outdoor observations.
  • Employ the biological solutions database to serve as a research tool for design challenges.

Course instructors:
The course will be hosted by Denise DeLuca, Director of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design.  You’ll also be learning from Cindy Gilbert, founding and former director of the MA program.  Two program alumni, Kelly Wilcox and Alyssa Hayes, will be assisting as your course mentors.

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