Natural Systems Working Group at IW2019

Sat, 2019/01/26 - Tue, 2019/01/29

We have a great schedule of sessions starting next Saturday January 26th!  The entire schedule is on our web site:

Here are two we think will be of general interest.

Saturday 1/26 1pm-3pm PST:
Communities of practice in Natural Systems // Bio-Inspired Design 
        Introductions to: 

  • NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature Inspired Exploration - Unsworth
  • Design Society SIG on bio-inspired design +  Sustainable Business Canvas- Hoeller 
  • Zygote Quarterly + Visualization in bio-inspired design - Eggermont
  • Scaling Up - Woolley-Barker
  • Harnessing Collective Intelligence for Industrial Symbiosis - Fahey
  • Fitness: using a systems thinking approach. - Coffin

Sunday 1/27 1-3 p.m. PST:
NSWG / NASA VINE Systemology Joint Session: Natural System Tools in the SE Process

  • The NASA Vine Systemology Cluster has produced a list of 25 tools for bio-inspired design.
    Join us to discuss how these could be mapped to SE process and tools.
    Techniques include function, flow and behavior mapping, along with the use of ontologies. 

Saturday and Sunday sessions will be available on webex16 

Meeting Number: 258 497 038

1-1-866-398-2885 Call-in toll-free number (Premiere)
Audio Passcode: 346 847 5607

Tuesday January 29th 1-3 PST:

Joint Session with Systems Science Working Group: Science Basis for Systems Mimicry

Discussion with Len Troncale on Isomorphic Patterns for SE Systems Mimicry/Systems Pathology from Studies of Natural Systems

Tuesday session will be available via globalmeet11, check the NSWG website for details.

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