Nature Inspired Design Network

2012/07/11 Although the actual Network site no longer exists, the University of Birmhingham offers a number of courses involving design inspired by nature.

Quoting from the About page:

"Nature Inspired Creative Design" is a new research network, part of the AHRB/EPSRC funded "Designing for the 21st Century" program. The network is based in CERCIA (the Centre of Excellence for Research in Computational Intelligence and Applications) at the University of Birmingham.

CERCIA is creating a cluster of scientists, artists, designers, and industrialists that focusses on taking ideas, methods, paradigms and algorithms from nature and introducing them into the design process. Nature inspired approaches have the potential to create better designs, as well as better design processes and tools. The cluster will have three main tasks: bring people together to identify possibilities for collaboration, encourage and support the collaborations, and explore new research directions and topics. The cluster activities consist of workshops, seminars and an exhibition; as well as an online forum.

Thanks to Nima Motamedi for the pointer.


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