New Zealand National Radio Interview with Ille Gebeshuber

The interview with Ille Gebeshuber starts at 32:08 into the MP3 file.  She will be leading the Workshops and Retreats in Whirinaki and Auckland with Ille Gebeshuber. Thanks to Peter Goldsbury for the pointer!

Ideas for 24 March 2013

Richard Louv, the originator of the term "nature deficit disorder", talks about his latest book The Nature Principle; Austrian physicist Ille Gebeshuber tells us about bio-mimicry and the inspiration she takes from rainforests; and we hear about Te Kura Toito o Te Whaiti Nui a Toi, a small rural primary school, that is using the Whirinaki forest as an extension of its classrooms. (53′28″)


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