R Without Fear: Applied R for Biologists

Mon, 2016/09/19 - Fri, 2016/09/23
Barcelona, Spain

In this course the instructor will walk you through the practical issues of applied statistical analysis step by step, introducing the R language and R commands to solve the most common problems faced by the statistical practitioner. The course has been designed by virtue of example and of artificial data sets “à la carte”, highlighting the most common challenges that entail the fit of data to models, from calculating the mean to simple generalized linear mixed models. The instructor has concentrated his 20 years of experience in statistical analysis in a single learn-by-doing one-week course. Since the course starts from the very basics of statistical analysis and R code and increases in difficulty through the week, it fits the needs of a diverse set of scientists, from recent graduates and advanced undergraduate students to professors that want to refresh their statistical skills while switching to R.

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