Sahara Forest Project

(taken from Exploration Architecture)

The Sahara Forest Project Test and Demonstration Center in Jordan will be located approximately 15 km inland and at an elevation of about 40 m above sea level. It will be supplied with seawater through a seawater pipeline running along the border with Israel, and be located to the north of Aqaba airport, at the southern end of Wadi Araba.

It will be 20 hectares in size, but be designed to allow easy expansion to a 200-ha commercial facility using the same seawater pipeline.

The center will be of a sufficient scale to prove the commercial viability of the Sahara Forest Project concept and it will produce a wide range of crops and energy output. An important part of the Test and Demonstration Center will be to further develop the already verified technologies to optimise resource use and productivity.

By bringing together local entrepreneurs, scientists, business and other key players in green innovation, The Sahara Forest Project Test and Demonstration Center will be a platform for research, innovation and training for the local and national community, pursuing sustainable solutions to the food, water and energy challenges.

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