"Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution" at 16:15

Sat, 2011/10/15
Planet in Focus Festival, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto



Oct 15 2011 - 4:15 PM
at the ROM


Directed by: Guy Lieberman | 25 minutes | USA | English | G | Canadian Premiere

Set in South Africa, Second Nature presents a vision of a planet in harmony between continued human progress and ecosystem stability. Featuring biologist, author and Time magazine “Hero of the Environment” Janine Benyus, the film illustrates how organisms in the natural world can teach us how to be more efficient and sustainable engineers, designers, architects and business leaders.

A panel discussion will follow the film program.

According to Diana Lee:

Biomimicry events coming up soon in Toronto.

Then, the following week, a short documentary called "Second Nature," filmed in South Africa while Janine Benyus, Bryony Schwan and other staff were teaching a week long workshop, will be screened at the Planet in Focus Film Festival.


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