The Second Year of the BID Community

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Another year has sped by. The big event has been the launch of Zygote Quarterly - the response has been phenomenal. As mentioned in earlier newsletters, ZQ will allow the BioInspired! newsletter to focus on articles of specific interest to the BID Community, including projects and member activities.

We also completed our first project: developing and submitting an entry to the 2011 International Algae Competition. Although we did not make the finals, the team members found the experience worthwhile and want to do another project. We formed a team to submit an entry to the Morph My City Challenge but this project is on hold until we can find someone with architecture and urban planning expertise. Currently, Kamelia Miteva is leading a project to develop a game based on the Life's Principles while Norbert is leading a team working on developing a BID Toolkit.

On behalf of the BID Community, thanks to the outgoing members of the Advisory Group (Ashok Goel, Petra Gruber, Janice McDougall, Tom McKeag, Eileen Stephens, Karen Verbeek, Marc Weissburg and Jeannette Yen) for their help in the creation and development of the BID Community! Please welcome the new Advisory Group of Antony Upward, Ashok Goel, Catalina Freixas, Fil Salustri, Janice McDougall, Kamelia Miteva and Randy Anway.

For those interested in statistics, website registrations have increased from 123 to 145 in the past year. We now have 27 paid-up members. Two members found that they were not getting sufficient value out of their membership and decided not to renew.

Google Analytics data was last reported in August/2011. The traffic numbers are showing a steady increase, although the number of pages viewed per visit is dropping.


  Visitors Visits Page Views Pages/Visit
Monthly Average for August 2010-August 2011 145 359 1733 4.8
Monthly Average for March 2011-March 2012 331 642 2211 3.4
Last 31 days 587 883 2629 3.0
% Increase over 12-month average 35% 57% 42%  

In terms of pages visited over the last 12 months, the most common were:

  • the Algae Competition forums
  • The Bio-Inspired Design Landscape article from the September 2010 BioInspired! newsletter
  • the list of BioInspired! newsletters
  • the Life's Principles Game Project Ideas forum

The following charts of traffic sources are also based on the last 12 months of data. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter. Please let us know what you think, either through comments on the website or using the Contact Us link at the bottom of each website page.

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