September 2006 Newsletter (Issue 4.3)

Welcome to the third issue of 2006!  We have a number of new contributors:

  • Dr. Timothy Finnigan, on harnessing the power of ocean waves and tides
  • Greg Donoghue, on sustainable agriculture and details of a regeneration project
  • Prof. Hugh Bruck, on the University of Maryland mechanical engineering curriculum for bioinspired product and device development
  • Ian Abbott-Donnelly, on application of the principles of ecology to organizations

In addition, we have the first installation of "Triggering Self-Assembly of Biomimetic Green Chemistry in Nepal" by Mark Dorfman, a regular contributor.  Professor Bruck has provided a preview of the biological and bio-inspired systems and materials track at SEM 2007.  The events calendar has  been updated, thanks to Rose Tocke.  I am looking for volunteers to help with a "Patterns in Nature" project - you do not need biology experience to apply.  Last, but not least, Rose Tocke has posted three job openings at the Biomimicry Guild.

If you have any comments or problems downloading/reading thenewsletter, please send me a note using the e-mail link near the top ofthe right navigator.

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