September 2007 Newsletter (Issue 5.3) - Special "Biomimicry Education Workshop" Issue

Welcome to the third issue of 2007.  This edition contains the first set of articles on the Education Workshop hosted in early July by the Biomimicry Institute, including overview articles by the Sam Stier and Cindy Gilbert (Directors of Education) and the preliminary results of four working group sessions:

  • Biomimicry Education Vision (Tom McKeag, Brent Nelson)
  • Biomimicry Information (Denise DeLuca, Outreach Director)
  • Biomimicry: A Tool for Engagement in K-12 Education (Hilary Staples, Margot Higgins)
  • Master's (equivalent) Certificate in Biomimicry (Dayna Baumeister)

Stay tuned for more information about the Workshop in the last issue of 2007, planned for late November or early December.

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