"The Struo" Wins First Prize in 2013 Bay Area Clean Tech Competition

The team of Kadhirvel Manickam, Bryan Wang and Shin Hoo Lee won first prize at the 2013 Bay Area Clean Tech Competition for "The Struo", a low-tech idea for extracting water from fog inspired by the Namib beetle.  Rather than the nanotech approach being explored by MIT and NBD Nano, the team proposed weaving a fabric out of a smaller thread that is hydrophilic (similar to cheese cloth material) and a slightly larger thread that is hydrophobic (nylon).  The goal is to provide clean water for third world countries.  The team developed and tested a number of prototypes from which they were able to obtain a wealth of data.

According to Kadhir, their entry was the only biomimetic and passive one - all the rest involved "pumps, solar panels, switches, wires, and very intricate setups". 

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