Systems Thinking in Action: Fueling New Cycles of Success

Mon, 2010/11/08 - Wed, 2010/11/10
Boston, MA

"Conference Theme

Although the recovery from the recent economic woes may not be complete, this is the time to improve both our individual and organizational effectiveness to develop new cycles of learning and prosperity. 

Tomorrow’s success will require us to use our imaginations instead of our memories to build stronger, more resilient organizations for the future. At this year's conference, we will explore how systems thinking and related disciplines can provide renewed energy, spark momentum, and help us create the results we care about. By understanding the long-term impact and unintended consequences of different scenarios, we can take wiser, more effective actions for the future.

At this conference, you'll learn:

  • New and classic systems thinking philosophy, tools, and techniques
  • Insights into how your organization performs as a living system
  • Tips for preventing wasted time and money by knowing how to avoid fixes that fail
  • Ways to improve results by identifying the structural weaknesses in the system
  • Methods for pinpointing the real leverage points to optimize resources and results
  • A framework for all stakeholders to discuss the most important questions facing your organization. "

Dayna Baumeister is doing the keynote at 13:15 on November 8th.  The keynote presentations will be webcast live.

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