Theme Issue ‘Biomimetics I: functional biosurfaces’

Theme Issue ‘Biomimetics I: functional biosurfaces’ compiled by Bharat Bhushan

  • Biomimetics: lessons from nature–an overview
  • Superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic plant surfaces: an inspiration for biomimetic materials
  • Multiscale effects and capillary interactions in functional biomimetic surfaces for energy conversion and green engineering
  • Actuation systems in plants as prototypes for bioinspired devices
  • Recent advances in biomimetic sensing technologies
  • Biomimicry as a route to new materials: what kinds of lessons are useful?
  • Biomimetic design of materials and biomaterials inspired by the structure of nacre
  • Thermodynamics of surface degradation, self-organization and self-healing for biomimetic surfaces
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