University of Exeter Business School Early Stage Researcher Position

The University of Exeter Business School has posted a fully funded PhD position.  Deadline for applications is February 15.

"Biomimicry: Business Management Innovations Inspired by Nature"

An Early Stage Researcher post is available immediately, funded as part of a PF7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network: Innovation for Sustainability (I4S). The 3 year post includes a PhD programme within the University of Exeter Business School.

The successful applicant will:

(1) Design and undertake research to explore innovations in management for sustainability inspired by nature: 'biomimicry'. Special focus of the research is how business can learn from nature's principles to be more adaptive and resilient in volatile times.

Biomimicry, or the conscious emulation of nature's designs, is not a new topic in the wider sustainable business literature nor within the product design field. Concepts such as the eco-efficiency, eco-effectiveness, cradle to cradle manufacturing, and the circular economy have been inspired by nature's patterns and principles. However, what is less well understood is how organisational and management processes and systems can learn from nature's patterns to be resilient, given current sustainability challenges.

(2) Undertake an extensive literature review of academic and practitioner journals and periodicals to scope schools of thought, relevant concepts, themes, case studies and gaps in knowledge, focussing on biomimicry and sustainable business.

(3) Undertake primary research involving a 6 month research secondment organised in collaboration with academic supervisors and project partners, ATOS and WWF International. Expected primary research will include case studies, semi-structured interviews; participant observation, to explore the application of nature's principles to management systems and models in more detail.

(4) Collaborate with academic supervisors in the Business School, University of Exeter, project partners ATOS and WWF International, and the wider EABIS-led consortium.

Thanks to Denise DeLuca for the pointer!  According to Denise:

This project is part of an EABIS coordinated consortium of Universities working on "sustainability-driven innovation (SDI) in support of the European Union’s strategic commitment to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth".

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