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"Objectives of Website

The many sources of biological inspiration span all natural structures and organisms and the areas of application reach to all branches of science and engineering. As a result, there are countless research efforts being made, each focusing on a very specified task. The objective of this website is to collect, organize, and categorize all such information into a form that will be useful for both practicing engineers and engineering students that are working in or studying product development. The collected knowledge will appear in two distinct forms.


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 Instructional material

The knowledge being gathered here will also be formulated into presentations to be used as instructional material. In order to integrate bio-inspired research into the future of product development, engineering students must be exposed to this knowledge in their undergraduate engineering curriculum. Therefore, many presentations will be developed that cover a variety of aspects of bio-inspired research, such as bio-inspired materials, bio-inspired manufacturing, bio-inspired design concepts, etc. These presentations can then be used as lecture material to cover a section on bio-inspired engineering in a variety of engineering classes, such as those on materials, manufacturing, or design.

  1. Bio-Inspired Design: Artificial Muscles

  2. Bio-Inspired Design: Introduction to Subject

  3. Bio-Inspired Design: Mobile Robots

  4. Bio-Inspired Design: Sensors

  5. Bio-Inspired Manufacturing: Concurrent Fabrication and Assembly 

  6. Bio-Inspired Manufacturing: Self-Assembly

  7. Bio-Inspired Materials: Functionally Graded Materials

Additional information on each of these modules is available on the Instructional material page and presentations can be requested from the authors. 

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