Veracruz Biomimicry and Design Expedition

Thu, 2017/06/22 - Sat, 2017/07/01
Veracruz, Mexico

This expeditionary workshop will open your eyes, your brain, and your heart to new ways of engaging in the world around you. Along with international colleagues from a variety of disciplines, you'll explore ten different ecosystems (alpine, grassland, conifer forest, desert, volcanic lake, cloud forest, tropical evergreen forest, tropical oak forest, rainforest, mangroves) in Mexico's beautiful Veracruz State as you learn to see nature differently and work your way through the biomimicry methodology to solve a design challenge. During this workshop, you'll also be invited to hike, swim, raft, take a night walk through the rainforest, explore with all your senses, and learn in an open-air classroom.

The learning begins at Iberoamericana University, Santa Fe Campus, in Mexico City with an evening lecture on June 22, followed by a day-long introductory session in the classroom, on June 23. The next day we'll leave for Veracruz and begin a 7-day learning adventure in which we’ll explore each of those diverse ecosystems while deepening your ability to listen to, learn from, and echo nature. En route to Veracruz, we'll spend one night in a local village before arriving at the beautiful Talloguaya Camp located in rainforest preserve along the shore of the Bobos River.

Who should attend?

This event is designed for teachers, faculty, students, and professionals seeking an intensive, interdisciplinary, and experiential introduction to biomimicry in a vibrant natural setting.

What you'll learn:

  • The practical application of biomimicry as a design and educational tool
  • Examples of biomimicry success stories
  • History, philosophy, and ethics of biomimicry
  • Biological and ecological principles relevant to design

What you'll take home:

  • A new understanding of the natural world
  • A fresh perspective on the work you do—whether in a classroom or a company—and new ways to engage students and colleagues to solve problems creatively.
  • A new way of viewing and valuing nature
  • A sense of hope and possibility
  • A new network of collaborators and tools for further exploration
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