Welcome - MENRVA Research Group at SFU

The MENRVA research group at Simon Fraser University is led by Professor Carlo Menon, winner of the 2007 BIONIS Award in Biomimetics (he presented First steps towards an Intercontental Biomimetic Network at the BIONIS 2007 conference).  Focus areas include robotics, mechatronics and mechanisms in the field of space and biomedicine, using biomimetics as a design approach.

Main Projects

  1. Climbing Robot
  2. Bio Inspired Adhesion
  3. Artificial Muscles
  4. Assistive Rehabilitation System
  5. Fluidic actuator
  6. Smart materials for antennas
Past Research Projects:
  1. YES2 Mission
  2. Free Flying Robot
  3. Bio Inspired strain Sensor
  4. Robotic Hand
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