Year-End 2012 BID Community Update

© Don Hammond/Design Pics/CorbisAnother year has passed, the Mayan calendar has flipped over without incident and I woke up to snow on the ground!  Unless it rains (again), we may yet have a White Christmas. 

The highlight of the year was the launch of Zygote Quarterly.  In addition to lots of website traffic and accolades, it was short-listed by the Digital Magazine Awards in the Science & Nature Magazine of the Year and Magazine Launch of the Year (New Title) categories.  Marjan Eggermont had the opportunity to attend the awards ceremony on December 6th in London.  Although ZQ did not win an award, it was an honor to be recognized amongst magazines such as BBC Focus, Scientific American and Inquire.  DMA posted a video clip of the magazine covers - see the sections at 1:20-01:37 and 3:04-3:26.

The Advisory Group has been busy behind the scenes on how the BID Community can make a difference.  A Proposed BID Community Mission Statement has been published and more updates are expected in the new year. 

Lastly, the BioInspired! newsletter is again being published.  Peter Niewiarowski provides an update on the University of Akron Biomimicry PhD program.  Kamelia Miteva and Thomas Rossi give their perspective on the Findhorn workshop.  Complementing the review of The Nature of Business in the last issue of Zygote Quarterly, we have a guest article by Julian Wilson on how biomimicry can lead to new ways of organizing business.

Please let me know what you think about any of these articles, either by posting comments to the articles or through the Contact Us link at the bottom of each website page.

Best wishes for the holidays and here's to a healthy, prosperous and productive New Year!

Norbert Hoeller

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