'Closing the Loop' in Bio-Inspired Design

Amoeboid Robot Navigates Without a Brain shows the value of 'closing the loop':

  • investigating a natural phenomenon in depth, rather than relying on surface impressions
  • abstracting the underlying principles, rather than superficial similarities
  • making the principles tangible so that they can be tested
  • and lastly comparing the outcome with the original inspiration to further deepen our understanding

Logitech Harmony Remote and the Life's Principles

The Life's Principles Game team has been looking at how the Life's Principles can improve design.  Our goal is to use the LPs to develop better design solutions that are hard to achieve through existing means.  Metaphorically, the designer is at a crossroads in the process where a 'business as usual' approach leads down one path but applying the appropriate LPs would lead us to choose another that is not only novel but delivers value. 

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