A Modest Proposal - Expanding Our Ecological Footprint (Ann Adams)

© Fribourg - Fotolia.comThere has been a great deal of press about the need for humans to reduce our ecological footprint, implying that Nature would be better off without humans.  But, what if humans were actually a necessary part of addressing the key environmental issues of our time?

Holistic Management International (HMI), an international environmental education non-governmental organization headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, works with stewards of large landscapes (agricultural producers, pastoralists and government agencies) to help them partner with Nature to create a positive ecological footprint.  Through improved natural resource management practices, these managers improve soil health, which results in a host of benefits including improved water quality, carbon sequestration, drought mitigation, flood resilience, and food security.

'Algae Connects' Update

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Although the TEDxBG (Bulgaria) organizers were interested in having Kamelia Mitevia present the 'Algae Connects' project, they ultimately decided against including the project.  Kamelia had focused on the systems aspects of the design as well as the process we had used.  The organizers appeared more interested whether the 'Algae Connector' component had been built and tested.  We also found out on March 5th that the project had not been selected as a finalist by the International Algae Competition jurors.  One of the competition organizers commented that our presentation was difficult to summarize on a single overview page for the website because of the unusual format and sequence.

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