Xploration's "Nature Knows Best" Video Series

Pete Foley mentioned this video series that explores what we have and can still learn from nature.  Series 1 and 2 each have 13 episodes that are 22 minutes long. 

I watched the first episode "Nature That's 'Plane' to See" on how nature has influenced aeronautics.  The format is engaging and fast-paced.  I might quibble about some of the practical applications but overall the quality seemed good.  With historical examples, it is hard to assess the degree of "after the fact" attribution.  The series is available to Amazon Prime subscribers, but unfortunately not in Canada.

Host Danni Washington is a marine biologist and co-founder of the non-profit, Big Blue & You which engages youth in marine conservation through the arts and media.

Nature Knows Best is a fascinating STEM series that looks at the fun and clever ways scientists and innovators are copying nature to create some of the world’s most amazing advancements.

Royal Society "Bioinspiration of new technologies" Videos

On June 27/205, The Royal Society presented a workshop on Bioinspiration of New Technologies: "Biological structures and processes have benefited from billions of years of refinement during the process of the evolution of life on earth. So why should we not benefit from what nature discovered in designing our own new technologies? This meeting brings together scientists from a range of disciplines to discuss how nature has inspired their work and how this can contribute to the technological evolution."

draft meeting programme and a special issue of Interface Focus was published before the workshop.  Some of the presentations differed from the original agenda.  Below are the video clips

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