The Nature Exchange: a new gallery and experimental space to learn from nature.

The Nature Exchange is a new gallery at the Telus World of Science Edmonton where you can trade, analyze, discuss, interpret and catalogue natural items. The Nature Exchange gallery is a truly diverse experience, with an Animal Zone and the Field Station to discover. You can meet George and Badger, the sugar gliders; or Alphie, the corn snake, or Shelob the tarantula, or Iggy the bearded dragon! Participate in unique exhibits like identifying different trace evidence left behind by animals, or studying photographs taken at various Alberta Camera Traps. You can even use microscopes to study real samples, like compare carnivore teeth vs. herbivore teeth. Biomimicry Alberta’s core member Carlos Fiorentino was selected as one of the “Spotlight Scientists,” and samples of structural colour will be included in the gallery.

Alphabet of Life Exhibit (Breggrenzerwald, Austria)

Images posted at https://www.facebook.com/pg/werkraumbregenzerwald/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1875319762532100

Open from June 23 to October 6, 2018

The Alphabet of Life | Design Principles of Nature is a research and education project and exhibition with nature, nature-inspired design and craftsmanship and artistry at its core. It offers a variety of learning paths into the genius of nature expressed in the 26 Biomimicry Life Principles.

Nature-inspired innovation is a transdisciplinary process that brings together the creative disciplines with system sciences, the natural and life sciences and the disciplines directly connected to a defined design challenge-for the purpose of developing holistic sustainable solutions. Biologists, ecologists and naturalists are invited to join the innovation process as scientists-at-the design table to assist with the research and help the design team to discover nature’s strategies for survival. The core question of such an innovation process is always, How does nature solve this problem?

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