Japan for Sustainability(JFS) Newsletter

This monthly newsletter covers a broad range of sustainability topics.  It ran a 'Bio-mimicry Interview Series' in 2004 and 2005.  The March 2005 issue had an interview with Eiji Nakatsu, an engineer on the Shinkansen 'bullet train'.  He describes how principles learned from owls and kingfishers have reduced the noise and other environmental impacts of the train. 

ThinkCycle: Biomimicry Newsletter

The quarterly Biomimicry Newsletter covers events, developments and personal interest stories.  It is primarily intended as a communication vehicle within the Biomimicry community, but is available on a public-access website. 

Abstracts and archived copies are available at the link above.  Contact the editor to get on the distribution list.

ThinkCycle: Bioinspire Newsletter

BioInspire is a newsletter that was founded by John Mlade with the purpose of "addressing the interface of human design, nature and technology."  The newsletter has published both original and reprinted articles on a broad range of topics.

Abstracts and archived copies are available at the link above.  The newsletter is distributed through the Colorado State University listserver - each of the newsletters includes instructions for subscribing to the listserver.

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