swarm theory

A Moment of Convergence: how nature innovates through agents, swarms and algorithms

Julian Vincent posted to following to the Biomimetics Mailing List:

Rupert Soar has produced a 30-minute video.  Here's the link: https://youtu.be/t1LbWgePCgo.   It's intended for lecturers/students so please feed forward to any who you think maybe interested.  Rupert has tried to encapsulate what's coming through with swarm robotics and fabrication platforms, as a narrative for physicists, programmers, engineers, designers and biologists.  Please forward the link to anyone who fits that bill, it's all about the hits....  You have permission to load it or link it (in its entirety) to your websites.  Some footage is proprietary to contributors (permissions were sought) and some is creative commons, so please be sensitive to that. 

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