Synapse by Biomimicry 3.8

Synapse by Biomimicry 3.8 is an environment for our staff to share their expertise and thought leadership in biomimicry with the world. 

It's our way of inviting you to join us in our awe of the natural world and discover the inspirational ways that innovators from around the world are using biomimicry to solve tough challenges, including sharing our own tips and techniques for bringing nature's genius to the design table.

Get free infographics, presentation slides, toolkits, biomimicry basics tools, and tips from the world’s leading biomimicry experts, including resources curated by Janine Benyus and Dr. Dayna Baumeister. 

Proceedings of the Second Annual Biomimicry in Higher Education Webinar

Are you curious about tools that can help cross-disciplinary teams explore connections between biomimicry and design?  Or how biomimicry is being incorporated into interior design studios?  Or how an architecture course explores kinetic aspects of biological systems to inform the design and engineering of buildings?  Then our webinar proceedings are perfect for you.  Read all about these innovative courses and tools, learn the myriad of ways professors are engaging students in biomimicry education, and view some stunning project visuals created by students.

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