ASU Offers Master’s of Science in Biomimicry and Graduate Certificate in Biomimicry

The Biomimicry Center is a joint effort between Arizona State University and Biomimicry 3.8 (B3.8) that facilitates education and research endeavors to create sustainable solutions by emulating biological forms and strategies. The Center fuses the intellectual disciplines and work of biologists, designers, engineers, business professionals, communicators, material scientists, chemists and others to address system-level opportunities and challenges.

In addition to coordinating broad sustainability initiatives related to biomimicry, the Biomimicry Center also will offer the first-ever Master’s of Science in Biomimicry and the first-ever Graduate Certificate in Biomimicry. These online programs are accredited versions of professional training programs developed by Biomimicry 3.8 since 2008.  Both the master’s and certificate programs have begun accepting applicants through ASU Online, and development of an on-campus master’s program is underway.




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