August 13/2011 Update

The good news is that the website has recently seen an increase in activity.  The bad news is that it largely came from spammers and hackers.  No damage has been done and  a few suspicious registrations have been blocked.  Additional checks have been put in place and appear to have sent the spammers back under their rocks for the moment.  I keep close tabs on content posted to the site but have no visibility to any mail sent through individual user contact forms.  If you get any spam through this website, please report it immediately and I will take swift action.

The Algae Competition is making good progress.  The team is currently completing a design brief that takes a systems view to how algae could help in recovery from disasters, using Haiti as an example.

Blogging capabilities have been added to the website.  To get a list of current blog posts, click on Blogs in the second menu line, right beside Home.  I have created two blog posts and have others in development.  To be notified by e-mails of new blog posts, visit any post and use the Subscriptions widget.  You can subscribe to a specific post, all blog posts or posts by a specific author.

Google Analytics reports the following traffic to the site:

  Visitors Visits Page Views Pages/Visit
Last 12 months 1743 4311 20799 4.8
Monthly Average 145 359 1733  
Last 31 days 196 565 2461 4.4
% Increase 35% 57% 42%  

Although the increase looks impressive, five of the top 10 pages viewed by users relate to the Algae Competition.  Additional steps are planned to drive more traffic to the site.

Below are upcoming events.  If you hear of any relevant events, please let me know.

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