2014/03/20 B3D Webinar: ISO Biomimetic Certification

Taryn Mead (Marie Curie Early Career Researcher at the Business School of the University of Exeter) and Yael Helfman-Cohen (Biomimicry Israel, ISO member) will be hosting a webinar about the ISO Biomimetic Certification process on March 20th at 08:00 PDT, 09:00 MDT, 10:00 CDT, 11:00 EDT, 15:00 GMT, 16:00 CET and 17:00 IST.  Registration at https://business-hangouts.com/register.php?m=NjM0Nnw4NDI0 is required. 

Taryn will cover the information she has learned so far, what our options are for participating and with Yael 's help will answer any questions.  Additional information from Taryn:

Aside from the documents available on the website describing the purpose and sub-committees, there is very little information publicly available about what this certification will include or what will actually be certified (a process, a company, a product?) Given the other ISO certifications (e.g., 14001, 9000, etc.), I'm assuming that it will be a process, which raises some very interesting questions about who would get certified and why they would want certification. What is the value of such a certification and what does it mean to others in the field? As practitioners in the field, will it at all affect our ability to practice, specifically in consultation with multi-national corporations?

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Background Material for March 20th Webinar

Taryn provided two files (attached) containing background material for the ISO Biomimetic Certification webinar tomorrow.

2013_ANSI_International_Procedures.pdf 117.93 KB
ISO_TC_266__Biomimetics.pdf 247.16 KB
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Notes from ISO266 Biomimetic Certification Webinar

The links below take you to the YouTube clip.  Clicking on the times will take you to the appropriate place in the clip.  A PDF of the charts presented by Taryn and Yael is attached.

B3D Webinar: ISO Biomimetic Certification

00:30 Panel and audience members
01:15 Taryn's background
03:54 Purpose
04:24 ISO structure (break in the recording)
07:18 Participating and observing countries
07:34 Committee progress
10:56 Next steps
12:15 Options and estimated costs
18:18 Considerations
19:36 Yael's background and participation in ISO process
21:01 Rationale (knowledge infrastructure, credibility)
22:25 Participants
23:09 ISO process
25:42 Biomimetic criteria: biological system, abstraction, transfer 
26:52 Other topics (able to create new working groups)
28:30 Benefits of participating
31:10 Discussion

Discussion: (times are offsets into webinar)

  • 31:20 Nicole: Can we influence the ISO process if we join now?  Taryn/Yael: We are halfway through the process (standard to be submitted in 1.5 years) and can recommend new working groups.
  • 34:30 Nicole: Biomimicry and sustainability?  Possible new working group?
  • 36:14 Fil: Investigate who else in Ryerson might be interested, importance of a starting position that can be built upon.   Taryn suggested we might be able to engage ISO through the Canadian standards organization
  • 40:15 Kamelia: Is there an objective basis for abstraction and transfer?  Yael: Abstraction needs more elaboration, standard is focusing on tangible products not concepts.  Norbert: Identify attributes associated with abstraction/transfer, Shoshanah's research suggests it can sometimes it can be difficult to tracing back from product to biological inspiration.  Shoshanah: Stay focused on getting involved with the ISO initiative at this point
  • 45:07 Norbert: Does anyone have experience working with ISO and other standards organizations?  Standards are not something we can ignore.  Taryn: ISO has a tremendous amount of influence, first iteration is not going to be perfect, can influence standard down the road but depends on the level of specificity of the first iteration.
  • 47:38 Taryn: Interest from individuals/organizations that want to help clients become certified.  Nicole: B3.8 asked by clients to certify that their process/product is biomimetic.  Has experience with ISO in the manufacturing domain including the ISO 14000 Environmental Management standard.  Companies spend a lot of time and money on certification, we should reach out and get input from companies involved in biomimicry (Jay Harman, Interface)
  • 50:35 Taryn: Funding, approach entrepreneurs working in biomimicry/bioinspired design.  Yael: Lots of interest in Europe from industry through Biokon.
  • 51:24 Yael: A lot of effort has already been invested in the ISO initiative.  Rather than starting a new standard, provide our expertise and insights.  Norbert:  if we are not part of the initiative, we will have trouble finding out what is going on.

Actions (53:31)

  • widen circle involved in the discussion (point them to Google+ post)
  • identify funders and potential sources of funding (privates individuals, companies, Interface Foundation) but hold off approaching them until we have a consensus on moving forward
  • set up Google Docs space
  • identify how much time each of us can dedicate to this project
  • identify organizations that are already a member of ANSI
  • contact the Canadian equivalent of ANSI
  • Yael to connect Taryn with chairman of TC266 committee

Target to have a concrete plan by August

ISO Cert Overview.pdf 137.85 KB
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