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This forum thread is for general discussions about the BioM Innovation Database project.  Comments relating to new examples posted by BID Community users can be added to the individual BioM Case documents.

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Nice, but....

I appreciate that this effort is new and still finding its way; it's a great idea.

I would make 2 comments:

1. In the spreadsheet, it would be nice if there were links to where more detailed scientific/design information can be gotten for each product/concept.

2. In the cases added here, I would suggest including more information about the specific biomimetic features, and more links to published research on those insights (were such would not violate the IP restrictions that probably surround many such innovations).

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BioM Database

Hi Salustri, 

I'm so glad that you have made those suggestions! The content that you suggest is only but a small fraction of the information that I have associated with each case. Please consult the little heading called BioM Database Content to get a better idea of what each case contains. and that is an abbreviated list! It even contains information on what the actual entry level is of the biological model compared to what the developer thought it was! I love that one because it teaches us a lot about how people approach biology if they are not trained in that discipline. 

What is posted for your viewing pleasure is simply a tiny portion. The BioM Database is not yet complete and my analysis has yet to be published so I am required to keep the rest under control. As soon as the data are published and I can find an expert to create a website etc... and a bit of funding to pay that expert, the data will be made free and available. I can't wait! 

If you have any analysis ideas, contributions, inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I can provide you with the complete list of variables if you wish. 

Shoshanah Jacobs
BioM lab

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I figured as much.  Like I said, I understand how new this project is.  I just provided my "first blush" feedback.

I wish I had the time to get into this now.  I think yours is a very useful and important project.  Unfortunately, as you well know, the chaos of September is just around the corner and I'm quite drowning in it now.

Still, I will try to remain as active as I can on this.

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