Biomimicry Content for 2012 National Training Conference (April 11-12, Washington, D.C.)

I received the following request from Michael Simpson:

I hope one of your members in your network can present a presentation showing how biomimicry assist designers in approaching zero waste and a sustainable system. I am with the National Pollution Prevention Board and for the oncoming training conference it would be nice to have a presentation on biomimicry and how it is use in the industrial sector to make products and systems with "greener" outcomes. Full details are mentioned below and please contact me if you need further details. Thanks.

I asked for clarification:

Michael, thanks for the opportunity to present at the conference.  Although the sustainability focus is quite broad, am I correct that the primary focus of the conference is reducing a class of pollutants that is part of the Toxics Release Inventory?  If so, I would suggest that the biomimicry presentation start with an overview of the concept but dive into issues relating areas like Green Chemistry and other approaches that avoid 'heat, beat and treat' methods.

and got this response: 

I agree with your approach in showing how biomimicry can influence the manufacturing process where you don't have to use chemicals of concerns, but use nature in the design. Please submit an abstract and thanks for participating.

A Call for Abstracts has been posted - the deadline is November 19th/2011. 

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