M.Sc. position for Biofouling Research (St. Francis Xavier University)

The Center [for Biofouling Research at St. Francis Xavier University] is accepting applications for a MSc student to join our group, starting May 15 2012.  This position is fully funded at $17,000 for two years, and tuition waivers are also possible. The project will entail a range of observational and experimental approaches to characterize settlement of various marine larvae on designed surfaces. 

Successful candidates will have a strong record of academic achievement and accomplishment in one or more undergraduate research projects.  Competitiveness for externally funded student scholarships is also an asset.  Desirable scientific skills include experience with marine larval culture and aquatic biomechanics.  The student will work primarily with the biologists on the team, but will interact considerably with all members of the Center.

The Center for Biofouling Research at St. Francis Xavier University is an interdisciplinary team composed of Physicists, Chemists and Biologists, and includes a postdoctoral fellow dedicated to the project. We are currently funded by an energy company and NSERC to design and test innovative anti-biofouling solutions for marine applications, modelled on existing biomimetic solutions. 


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