Biomimicry at the San Diego Zoo

2013/03/24 The San Diego Zoo Biomimicry website has moved to, which is currently under construction.

The main page contains news on biomimicry as it relates to the San Diego Zoo, including updates on the recent 2011 Biomimicry Conference as well as a video of some of the conference highlights. 

Recent news items include:

San Diego Daily Transcript writes about biomimicry, architecture, and the 2011 Biomimicry Conference.
NBC San Diego writes about the biomimicry at the San Diego Zoo and the 2011 Biomimicry Conference.
Cheryl Perkins, president/founder of InnovationEdge, blogs about biomimicry and the San Diego Zoo.
Fast Company shares EarthSky interview with San Diego Zoo Global Chief Conservation Officer Allison Alberts.

The Biomimicry tab at the top includes What is Biomimicry? which has a pointer to the economic impact report “Global Biomimicry Efforts: An Economic Game Changer” recently commissioned by San Diego Zoo Global.  The San Diego Zoo Vision expands on the role of the Zoo in promoting biomimicry.  Biomimicry BRIDGE discusses the "multi-organization research and collaboration network through which biomimicry is promoted as a new paradigm for nature-inspired research, education, innovation, and investment to create a more efficient and sustainable world."  The Services tab describes the corporate and education programs.  Lastly, the Resources tab includes a wealth of material. 

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Posters from the 2100 Biomimicry Conference

Bio-Inspired Innovative Designs Created by Design Institute of San Diego Interior Design Students

Design Institute of San Diego Interior Design Students created posters representing design innovations inspired by nature and the Elephant, the Weaver Finch and the Tailess Whip Scorpian. All posters were displayed at the 2011 Biomimicry Conference in San Diego, CA April 14 – 15, 2011.

DISD instructor and architect Robert Thiele AIA summed up the poster event with his observation that Design Institute student posters drew considerable attention from conference attendees and ”really hit it out of the park”. Realizing the value of nature-inspired innovations and the significant role designs based on natural principles and systems play in sustainable design practice, Interior Design Program Director Denise Homme commented, “We are extremely grateful to San Diego Zoo Global for selecting our students to participate in this unique learning opportunity.”

The Elephant in the Room and the Iron Weaver posters can be downloaded from the site. 

Thanks to LinkedIn and David for the pointer!  Kevin Swanson posted that "The poster holders that were developed as part of this event consisted of four pieces made from plywood which fit together without screws, looked very good, and were also BioInspired - resembling balancing kangaroos without tails!"

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