BioTRIZ Ltd provides consultancy in inventive problem solving in engineering, research, design, manufacturing and management. We improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

Bring your burning challenges to solve!

Unlike most problem solving consultancy we start with an 'ideal solution' for a challenge and focus directly on achieving it in the most efficient way.

 Our unique solution-providing technique is based on the theory of invention (TRIZ)  and bionics. It allows to invent using rules derived from living nature: 

  • No need to bombard your problem with money, come to us to get ideal solution
  • We provide professional interpreting service from biology to engineering

The concepts behind BioTRIZ are described in The Royal Society - Biomimetics: its practice and theoryOur Methods describes how the TRIZ methods and tools are combined with the application of natural principles in problem solving and design.  The About Us page includes a list of selected publications related to Basic TRIZ, TRIZ in Space exploration, Bio-Inspired Design, Semantic TRIZ and Robotics. 

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