Inventor's Manual

by Dr Nikolay R Bogatyrev (Author), Mikhail N Bogatyrev (Illustrator) and Dr Olga A Bogatyreva.  Also available in French

This manual is specially designed to help you make the process of creativity and problem-solving logical, systematic and rational, thus increasing the efficiency of your thinking. ... The algorithms of the Inventor’s Manual are based on a Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (known by its Russian acronym TRIZ), which is a highly adaptable and overarching methodology. ...  The Inventor’s Manual does not repeat material that is already published, it presents the essence of the inventive thinking process.

Inventor's Manual (TRIZ)

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The book presents up-dated, concise and user-friendly version of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). It is recommended to those who need "to drive a car", but do not care much or do not have time to know "how does a car work". 

PEGASUS Video Course on TRIZ/BioTRIZ

This video course allows you to transfer ideas from living Nature to engineering using special tools for cross-disciplinary inspirations. It is fun for students and powerful aid for professors who teach innovation and creativity (2 hours 43 min of run time of all seven films of PEGASUS is full of entertaining examples, animations, practical demonstrations, impressive stories and case studies).


BioTRIZ Ltd provides consultancy in inventive problem solving in engineering, research, design, manufacturing and management. We improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

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