December 2007 Newsletter (Issue 5.4)

Welcome to the fourth and final edition of 2007.  This edition contains the second set of articles on the Education Summit hosted in early July by the Biomimicry Institute, including an overview article by Denise DeLuca (Institute Outreach Director) and the preliminary results of the last four working group sessions:

  • Access to Experts (John Carmody)
  • Developing a Biomimicry Educators Network (Tom McKeag)
  • An International Consideration (Jamie Miller)
  • Quality Assessment (Rolf Mueller, Norbert Hoeller & Craig Tovey)

In addition, we have articles on:

  • The Power of Ants and Bees (Regen Energy and swarm theory)
  • Biomimicry's Two Faces for Design (Anne Thorpe)
  • the new Biomimicry Institute website
  • the 2-Year Certificate Program in Biomimicry (deadline for applications is December 21st)

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REGEN Energy Inc. Announces Strategic Agreement with Carrier

REGEN Energy issued a press release early this month that "Carrier will offer REGEN Energy's patented Swarm Energy Management solutions to customers through Carrier's distribution network".  GreenTechMedia posted Regen Energy and Carrier Partner for Rooftop AC Efficiency that describes Carrier's goal to integrate its air conditioning systems with energy management systems.  Carrier is working with EnergyHub and ThinkEco for the residential sector and REGEN Energy for small and medium-sized companies.

The Swarm controllers offer a solution that is about one-third the cost of a traditional building management system, said Angus, who spent nearly a decade at Johnson Controls. The cost for a big-box store, for example, might be around $35,000. In California, where the bulk of Regen’s business has been so far, major utilities are offering incentives that can cover some or all of the total cost of the system. 


The payback on just rooftop HVAC systems ... is about two years with no other incentives. Angus said that customers have purchased about 8,000 to 10,000 of the smart systems, and the company is starting to grow out of California as customers roll out the technology to more of their portfolio. Dave & Busters, for example, is doing an additional 75 locations across PJM and Texas after first working with Regen in California.

An update on the REGEN Energy power controllers was published in March 2012 issue of Zygote Quarterly.

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