December 2011 Newsletter (Issue 8.4)

Welcome to the fourth issue of the BioInspired! newsletter for 2011. This issue includes articles on the Algae Competition project, how butterfly wing scales can help us solve problems with wind turbines, an interview with Igor Barteczko and the announcement of the Zygote Quarterly journal.

This newsletter is publicly readable - click on the titles to read the full article.  A consolidated PDF has not been created for this issue - PDFs of selected articles will be available as attachments to registered users early in January 2012. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the newsletter!


© Don Hammond/Design Pics/CorbisWinter has finally arrived in Ontario and we are about to turn the page to 2012. The Algae Competition team submitted the Algae Connects entry to the 2011 International Algae Competition on October 22nd, the first official BID Community project. The following two articles describe the competition entry and insights into how the project unfolded. The next article describes research by Igor Kovalev on how the structure of butterfly wing scales can solve important problems in wind turbine design. An interview with Igor Barteczko describes his journey in applying biomimicry to architecture. The newsletter closes with the announcement of Zygote Quarterly, a new journal "showcasing the nexus of science and design in the field of bio-inspired design."

© Kheng Guan Toh -

The international and interdisciplinary BID Community team collaborated on developing an entry for the 2011 International Algae Competition in the Algae Landscape Design category. The team decided to take a problem-driven approach, developing a bio-inspired systems solution involving algae that would address important problems associated with a particular place: Haiti both before and after the devastating earthquake of 2011.


© INFINITY - Fotolia.comA common thread in the Turning Ideas into Reality and Making a Living with BID conference calls was the need for more opportunities to do bio-inspired design. Janet Kübler suggested that the BID Community participate in the 2011 International Algae Competition which had the goal of developing “… an open source collaboratory that expands and shares a vision for algae in our future with design ideas for algae production landscapes, sustainable and affordable algae production systems”. Although the competition had a flavor of bio-utilization, the Algae Landscape Design track provided an opportunity to design a system that could incorporate ecological concepts and be inspired by the Life’s Principles.

© johann35 - Fotolia.comIn the course of the development of animal species, flying has been “invented” several times. The first winged insects began to populate the forest of the Carboniferous period about 350 million years ago - the wing surfaces of these insects were smooth. Butterflies with scaled wings began to fly into the sky of the Jurassic period. Through natural selection, the butterflies have been experimenting with scale coverage and scale microstructure for 210 million years. Among all present day insects, butterflies and moths with scale coverage are the record holders of two titles: long distance travel (butterfly Danaus plexippus L. (Figure 1) and flight speed (the flight speed of the moth Agrotis ipsilo was 113 km/h) [Sappington et al., 1992].

© frank peters - Fotolia.comIgor Barteczko joined the BID Community in November and agreed to be interviewed in early December. His portfolio at ARCHITEORYZM demonstrates his creativity and graphic sense. Igor is a natural biomimic who also understands the importance of human culture and engineering. Ultimately, we need viable solutions to human problems that help re-connect us with the natural systems that support our existence.



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Marjan Eggermont, Tom McKeag and Norbert Hoeller will be launching a new publication patterned on the Journal of Computational Media Design. The intent is to reach out to a wider audience and thereby attract a wider range of authors. This will allow the BioInspired! newsletter to focus on BID Community projects. The first issue of Zygote Quarterly is planned for March, 2012.


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