Design Society Biomimetics Special Interest Group (SIG)

Julian Vincent's proposal to form a Biomimetics Special Interest Group (SIG) within the Design Society ( is gaining momentum (see Update on Design Society Biomimetics SIG and Design Society Biomimetics SIG Progress) and deserves a forum of its own.  As mentioned in the August 8/2019 update, Julian Vincent used some of the material from Saskia's BiomimicryNL workshop to prepare for the first Design Society Biomimetics SIG workshop at ICED19 on August 5th.  He led with a chart on Planetary Boundaries and the implications for responsible design, suggesting that just as design practice has incorporated human-centred design, it was time to incorporate environmental benefits.  He used his Royal Society charts on how technology and biology solve problems as both a challenge and an opportunity for the design community.  The resident DS cartoonist captured the the key elements of the workshop.  About 30 people attended the workshop and 18 agreed to join the SIG.  

We still have a lot of work ahead of us before the final decision on whether the Design Society will approve the Biomimetics SIG.  A Steering Committee has been formed and is exploring how the Biomimetics SIG relates to the 14 existing Design Society SIGs (  The Design Society has already published 83 papers that are related to biom* - Julian Vincent and Ken Perry are analysing them to get a sense of how the Design Society views biom*.  Rather than promoting biom* within the Design Society, we want to identify areas of synergy and explore the value biom* can contribute to the Design Society.  

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